Victory and Triumph

It’s that day again- Resurrection Morn

This year I added something new

my Earthly Father

my savior on earth

Eleven years ago we sat at a table in a hospital as he told me

that he had chosen this day for my Mother’s passing

– that he had thought it all out-

and just knew this would be her choice

to go back to her Savior on this day


never one to let anyone else decide anything for her

chose the next day

The dates of their graduation from these earthly cares matters not to me

for Resurrection Day is the day I shall always remember as their parting the veil

When I gaze upon the beauties of this earth

the lilacs and tulips in the springtime

my thoughts shall always be back


17973908_10155828448335606_5257355351166018075_oon Willis Avenue

with my parents lilacs in full bloom.

A Most Interesting Find In A Most Interesting Way


Guest post by Bethany Anne Howse Downey
 As our father’s earthly stay was coming to an end, many of my siblings gathered together in his home. We were given permission to take home any family items we desired. I didn’t want to take anything home, however, I was given a few objects that had been in a shadow box of our parents.


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Hidden Candles

morning sun gently slid over closed eyes

a distant memory flowed past

accompanied by the ever so slight wisp of a smell

paper, parchment, ink and stylus’

fall 1979

there it is

art supplies at the university book store

calligraphy items everywhere

such a treat!

not needed for my college classes

but something deeper inside called

purchases made and headed to the dorm

inside the cubicle

looking through the pages

putting stylus to ink and then to paper

how easily the beauty and the letters appeared

how sweet the flow

like music transferred to parchment

one could get lost in this

then life took overWIN_20150406_172100.jpg

and the candle light

faded away

but for just a small moment

in the early morning light

the ink flowed freely again





Nestled in Wheatfields and Hay: Bancroft, Idaho

My sister and I headed north on I-15 from Salt Lake City and drove on into Idaho a bit until we saw the sign to Lava Hot Springs and took a right, heading on past the springs, we next took a left on Lund Road and drove on into the gold and green town of Bancroft. KIMG0048KIMG0101KIMG0102Bancroft, IdKIMG0051KIMG0055KIMG0098KIMG0095KIMG0096KIMG0056KIMG0053KIMG0057KIMG0058KIMG0097KIMG0054KIMG0099KIMG0094KIMG0086KIMG0087KIMG0089KIMG0088KIMG0093KIMG0092KIMG0091KIMG0090KIMG0070KIMG0065KIMG0083KIMG0082KIMG0066KIMG0060KIMG0059KIMG0069KIMG0076KIMG0078KIMG0073KIMG0085KIMG0105KIMG0126KIMG0121KIMG0108KIMG0118KIMG0115KIMG0120KIMG0122KIMG0127KIMG0117KIMG0104KIMG0103KIMG0186The pictures say it all.

We enjoyed the peaceful fun trip into uncharted territory for us. The Townfolk were friendly and even the dudes talking outside the bar about the crazy girls taking pictures in the middle of the street made us smile.

Whyte Eagle, A Man of His Word, 1961-2015

Whyte Eagle out doing what he loved best, having fun with the beautiful Maria, after sliding down a hill, trying not to miss a chance to see something unusual.1For many years I would head out alone or with my kids or a few friends for adventure to see what was out in this amazing world.2After going down several paths and meeting eclectic individuals out in the dusty desert3I ran into a couple forums on the internet and read the words of these rugged individuals.

Randy Bradford’s –
and Whyte Eagle’s –

There was a great mixture of fun cowboy humour, interesting artifacts, mysteries galore, ancient maps, spanish treasure, petroglyphs and pictographs, dinosaur bones, knowledge, research, banter and friendship.

At first not a place for the female persuasion,
so we mostly kept quiet and read,
but in recent years we have found this a place
for the women who like adventures too.

4One thing I had in common with these men was the mystery glyphs found throught the Southwest of the US of A.

Terry Carter and Whyte Eagle are the best source on these mysterious glyphs.

Together they helped form the Ancient Historical Research Foundation which continues to aid others in their research, provide lectures, campouts, tours to ancient sites and just plain friendship, so needed in todays busy world.

In 2005 Whyte Eagle helped The AHRF host a Symposium at Brigham Young University, with lecturers from all over, that can now be found on the internet for everyone’s perusal. We were in attendance with my friend Doc and others, enjoying meeting Russell Burrows and other speakers.
In January 2014 the foundation decided to start up once a month free lectures. I am so glad Utahna invited us to start attending.  Above Whyte Eagle introduces the first lecturer, Dale Bascom at the Provo, Library, with over one hundred in attendance.

6Now a year and a half later, these lectures continue with a wide variety of topics and new perspectives.

11When looking at photo’s I was pleased to find this one of Whyte Eagle, he is visiting the Mint in Utah with some of my favorite people!7The AHRF campouts have allowed us who are quiet to enjoy each others company and visit places most of us had never heard of before.


9Whyte Eagle not only provided a way to the cave but a spotlight on the world outside of it.12As we looked up through the trees at the cemetery yesterday, I spotted a sign in the heavens. A sword of truth. How fitting for this great man of truth and honor. A man who, when he gave you his word, it meant everything. He was looked up to by everyone and trusted by men who rarely trust another.

May this Whyte Eagle fly high and be a guide for us each day, as we go forth to love and serve one another.


10Whenever we meet together as friends, enjoying good times together, I know, Whyte Eagle/Shawn Davies will be right there walking around enjoying the fruits of his labors with us.

Thanks to Steve Robison and Utahna Jessop

for their wonderful photos!

Colorado Mystery Glyphs

                    On the first leg of our last adventure, we found some time to visit the Colorado Mystery Glyphs as we headed East. IMG_2335IMG_2318

We had started out the morning of May 9th, 2015.

A few misadventures with a lost checkbook set us off later than intended, but Stephen and I met up with Terry, Utahna and Kayla in Spanish Fork Canyon and were soon on our way.

IMG_2330IMG_2334When we reached the area of the glyphs it had stopped raining, so we decided to go ahead and have a look see. IMG_2329IMG_2293IMG_2292IMG_2294

After a nice drive around and looking down a side canyon or two we made it to our destination and headed down to the glyphs.

IMG_2299IMG_2328IMG_2307IMG_2313IMG_2303IMG_2300IMG_2301These glyphs surprised me a bit as, if I had not seen some of the others, I might have been convinced a boy down the road had made them up and just carved a nice little code in the side of the sandy hillside. IMG_2312

It being her first glyph, Kayla also looked a bit skeptical at what we were seeing. Our guide assured us they were real enough.

IMG_2317IMG_2314IMG_2315Once again, we were left to wonder who stood on this ground and oh so many why’s!

IMG_2341IMG_2343IMG_2345Next stop Leadville, Colorado,

then on to Cahokia for us!